Honorary Members

Mohegan Striders Founding members - 1974




Tim Smith, honored November 10, 2004. Charter Member, officer, volunteer

Tim served as president during the Mohegan Striders’ first two years, 1972 and 1973, and also as treasurer from 1975 through 1984.  Tim has yet to figure out his long-lived attraction to the exercise of running and at this point in time the answers seem unimportant. His one wish is that others may experience some of the many thrills, joys and friendships that running has showered upon him.


Terrie Smith, honored May 10, 2016. Volunteer, member for forty years, first female honorary member

Terrie has been helping out at races and fun runs for over forty years. Many people rely on her supply of bandaids, pins, sewing needles and thread, sunscreen, bottle openers, baby wipes, etc. often available in the car. She has overseen many car keys, warmups, wallets, strollers, babies, etc. during races. After seven male honoraries she becomes first woman; as a Strider she has volunteered at many levels of the running arena. She enjoys the opportunity to meet new people and is grateful for the many good friends she’s interacted with throughout the running circle.


Wayne and Leslie Jolley, August 21, 2016

It is with great pleasure and honor that we recognize the newest members to the Honorary Member Club, Wayne and Leslie Jolley. The Jolleys have done so many things for the Striders over the years, it is overwhelming to think of all the contributions, donations, and running accomplishments.

They have been our Team sponsor for over 25 years to date and are still our primary sponsor moving forward. Together they ran our annual Grand Prix Series for over 17 years and were still involved as advisers after others have carried on the tradition. Collectively, they have donated countless material things to the Striders over the years, not asking for any reimbursement whatsoever.

Wayne been a member of our men’s USATF team for as long as I can remember, winning or placing in various age groups through the years, helping us to continue to be one of the best racing team in the state. He also deserves the honorable mention as “Strider Chef” for year after year at our annual picnics, serving food that makes you run faster!

Leslie is a past membership secretary. She held that position for 12 years. She has also run in USATF races for our women’s team adding valuable points to the final standings. She has worked more than her fair share of races and events in a volunteer capacity which is vital. Without volunteers, there are no races or events. In addition she and her family members make cakes and other special dessert creations for Strider events.

In closing, the Jolleys fit the description of deserving Striders just as the previous inductees. We are proud to call them Honorary Members.





John DeGange, honored January 19, 1973. Sports Writer

John DeGange, former sports writer for the New London Day, was recognized as an honorary life member of the Club.  John’s interested presence at many of the local races has earned him this honor.  John’s coverage of the local running scene was a catalyst in the growth of the sport through the ’70s and ’80s.  John DeGange died December 23, 1997.


Harold Tantaquidgeon, honored July 14, 1974. Mohegan Indian Chief

A clear, bright Sunday morning in Uncasville was the setting for the induction of only the second honored member of the Club.  Chief Harold Tantaquideon, direct descendent of Uncas, Chief of the powerful Mohegan Nation, joined retired sports writer John DeGange in this unique honor.  A group of about thirty friends and Club members witnessed the ceremony conducted by Walt Thoma, John Martin, and Bob Carbray.  The Chief offered a brief, interesting look into the history of the Mohegan Indian.  He wryly commented that striding or “streaking” began with the indians, and cited Chief Running Bear (Bare?) as the prime example.  While claiming not to be a top runner the fact remains that not once was Harold apprehended in the apple orchards in his younger days.  Harold Tantaquidgeon died April 4, 1989.


Al Morrison, honored January 16, 1976. Lover of the sport

Only the third life member in the Club’s four-year history, Al joins former sportswriter John DeGange and Harold Tantaquidgeon, noted Mohegan-Pequot Indian.  Unlike the prior two life-time members whose professional background had much to do with their induction, Al’s background is simply one of love for the sport and the Club, along with his enthusiastic desire to aid the cause whenever possible.  Al has served as chute master, timer, placer, statistician, trainer, and coach.  Hence, the Club also unanimously voted him as honorary coach of the Mohegan Strider Association.  Don Pirie explained it best when he compared Al’s influence on him to that of Johnny Kelley’s.  The same sentiment was expressed by Bob Dempsky.  Those who really know Al can appreciate the comment offered by Wil Zinser, the proverbial “Last of the Mohegans”;  “Al even waits for me at the finish”. Al Morrison died June 22, 2004.


John Martin, honored November 18, 1983. Pioneer, volunteer, philanthropist

John Martin was voted in as the fourth honorary member of our Club, joining John DeGange, Harold Tantaquidgeon, and Al Morrison.  John retired (not from running) and lives part of the year in Florida.  He has sold his lovely home in Uncasville but he will still be in the area.  He began running in the nineteen-thirty’s and can boast of completing a full marathon at age sixty-four.  He ran with the likes of Tarzan Brown and Les Pawson.  He served as the Club’s first treasurer and opened his home as the Club’s initial meeting place.  His donation of $100.00 started the “John P. Martin Fund”, a trust to aid Olympic hopefuls running for the Mohegan Striders. John Martin died January 1, 2012.


Joe Lonardelli, honored July 22, 1991. Coach, volunteer

Joe Lonardelli’s affiliation with the Club began in the summer of 1981 when Bob Carbray asked him to come watch and help with the Norwich Rec Run.  His participation has been one of supportive service ever since.  Joe assists SNERRO in many local road races.  He is the right-hand man to Youth Track and X-C Director Kevin Crowley who states,  “Without Joe much of what goes on would not take place.”  Joe retired from the City of Norwich PublicWorks Department after thirty years of service.  Joe Lonardelli died June 9, 2004.


Bob Carbray, honored November 3, 1995. Charter Member, long-term secretary, volunteer

Bob missed the Club’s first formal meeting, at which he was elected secretary, a position he would serve for seventeen consecutive years.  Bob has been on the scene for many years, having served on the Rose Arts Road Race committee in its early years, and also served as president and member of the board of directors for the East Lyme Marathon, and is often on the scene assisting in some capacity with the smaller races.  Bob Carbray died December 26, 2004.